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State of Pennsylvania

History of Reform Efforts: Pennsylvania

Opinion Polls and Surveys

Justice at Stake Campaign (2001)
64% of Pennsylvania judges reported being dissatisfied with the tone and conduct of judicial campaigns, and 69% indicated that the situation had gotten worse over the past five years. 72% expressed concern that special interests were trying to use the courts to shape policy. 59% supported a generic proposal for merit selection and retention of judges.

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts (2007)
According to a statewide survey, 56% of Pennsylvanians supported merit selection of state judges.

American Judicature Society/Committee for Economic Development/Justice at Stake Campaign (2010)
62% of respondents favored replacing partisan election of appellate judges with merit selection. 73% reported that they did not believe that the most qualified candidates win elections. 76% believed that campaign contributions influence judicial decision making.