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State of Illinois

History of Reform Efforts: Illinois

Opinion Polls and Surveys

Justice at Stake Campaign (2001)
72% of Illinois judges believed that the tone and conduct of judicial campaigns had gotten worse over the last five years. 69% supported a generic proposal for public financing of judicial campaigns. 91% were concerned that, because voters have little information about judicial candidates, judges are often selected for reasons other than their qualifications.

Illinois Campaign for Political Reform (2002)
More than 85% believed campaign contributions influence judicial decisions. Three out of four voters favored limits on campaign contributions to judicial candidates, and over 60% supported a voluntary system of public financing of judicial campaigns. 78% reported not having enough information about judicial candidates. Nearly 70% preferred nonpartisan elections to partisan elections.

We Ask America (2009)
Illinois voters preferred nonpartisan judicial elections by a margin of nearly three and a half to one. 83% said that education and experience were better qualifications for judicial candidates than political endorsements or backing.