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State of Alabama

History of Reform Efforts: Alabama

Opinion Polls and Surveys

Judicial Selection in Alabama (February/1997)
According to a statewide survey of Alabamians, 44% favored merit selection, 26% preferred nonpartisan elections, 18% approved of partisan elections, and 13% were undecided.

Birmingham News (March/1997)
Of the 81% of respondent judges who supported changing the current elective system, 72% approved of nonpartisan elections. Responses were skewed along party lines, with nonpartisan elections heavily favored by judges who identified themselves as Democrats. 57% of respondents opposed a merit selection system. About half of the state's judges responded to the survey.

Mobile Register-University of South Alabama (March/2000)
85% of Alabamians believed electing judges is the best method. Between 80 and 85% of those polled did not know 11 of the 12 candidates who ran in 2000 for the Alabama Supreme Court.

Alabama Circuit Judges Association and District Judges Association (January/2001)
83% of members of these associations supported legislation switching from partisan to nonpartisan elections.