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State of Wyoming

History of Reform Efforts: Wyoming

Formal Changes Since Inception

Supreme court justices elected by the people to eight-year terms. District court judges elected by the people to six-year terms.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment creating the judicial supervisory commission (now known as commission on judicial conduct and ethics) and the judicial nominating commission. Judges of the supreme court and district court would now be appointed by the governor from a list of candidates submitted by the judicial nominating commission. Judges would run in a retention election after at least one year in office, with supreme court justices subsequently serving eight-year terms and district court judges serving six-year terms. The amendment also established a mandatory retirement age of 70.

Voters ratified a revision to the selection and retention process that eliminated the requirement for prior approval by the judicial nominating commission before a judge could stand for retention.

Merit selection extended to county court judges.

County court renamed circuit court. Circuit court's geographic boundaries same as those of district court.