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State of Oregon

History of Reform Efforts: Oregon

Formal Changes Since Inception

Judges elected by the people to six-year terms. Supreme court justices also served as circuit court judges. County court judges elected to four-year terms.

Judges provided for both the supreme court and the circuit court. Selection method and term lengths unchanged.

Supreme court justices elected statewide rather than by geographic district.

Legislature mandated nonpartisan elections for judges, requiring that candidates' names appear on the ballot "without any party designation" and prohibiting candidates from referring to their party affiliation when submitting a petition for candidacy. The Oregon State Bar had adopted a proposal advocating nonpartisan judicial elections in 1930.

Tax court created by the legislature to provide uniform application of tax laws statewide.

Court of appeals created by constitutional amendment. Judges elected to six-year terms.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment authorizing the supreme court to discipline judges and judicial candidates for violations of rules of judicial conduct.