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State of Washington

History of Reform Efforts: Washington

Active Organizations

Judicial Selection Coalition
The Judicial Selection Coalition is a coalition of bar associations and "good government" groups that is concerned about the current process for selecting judges in the state and is considering appropriate reforms.

King County Bar Association
The King County Bar Association's Judicial Screening Committee rates candidates for appointment or election to King County Municipal, District, and Superior Courts and to state appellate courts for contested elections. The ratings are published for contested elections; they are not published in the case of candidates being rated for appointment. The KCBA has also adopted Fair Campaign Practices Guidelines.

League of Women Voters of Washington

Washington Chapter of the American Judicature Society
The Washington chapter of AJS has two standing committees: public education and judicial standards and performance. The public education committee has developed a curriculum for use in the classroom, primarily in secondary education. The judicial standards and performance committee has completed a pilot judicial evaluation program at the trial court level and is currently extending it to the appellate court level. The evaluation program uses objective-criteria questionnaires to evaluate volunteer judges. The chapter hopes that this will create statewide interest in a permanent program, which would make Washington the first non-retention state to adopt a public and objective performance evaluation system.

Washington State Bar Association