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State of Illinois

History of Reform Efforts: Illinois

Active Organizations

Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice
Chicago Appleseed has been serving as a consultant to Oklahoma, Kansas, and Alabama Appleseed as they design and carry out their work, based on the extensive judicial financing research it has already done in Cook County, Illinois.

Citizen Action/Illinois
Citizen Action/Illinois is the state's largest public interest organization and a progressive political coalition committed to creating social change both in Illinois and across the nation. The organization is based on several core values: a belief that every human life has equal worth, that the purpose of our society is to allow all its members to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, and that there is a collective good beyond our individual interests. It seeks to promote and win public policies that reflect these values and embody social justice, but recognizes that winning justice requires political power. It exists to create that power by being a values-based, issue-oriented political center in Illinois.

Illinois Campaign for Political Reform
Founded in 1997 by former Senator Paul Simon and Lieutenant Governor Bob Kustra, the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform works on a non-partisan basis to reform Illinois' political process, to reduce the influence of special interest money on public institutions and restore voters to their rightful place at the center of state government.

Illinois State Bar Association

League of Women Voters of Illinois

Protestants for the Common Good