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State of Washington

Methods of Judicial Selection: Washington

Limited Jurisdiction Courts

District Court
Jurisdiction: county-wide jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal cases, traffic, non-traffic, and parking infractions; domestic violence protection orders; civil actions<$50,000; small claims
Selection of Judges: nonpartisan election
Retention of Judges: reelection
Qualifications: registered voter of district; one of the following: licensed to practice in state, elected and served in state as district judge, municipal judge, police judge, or justice of the peace, or passed a qualifying exam (in districts of < 5000)
Municipal Court
Jurisdiction: violations of municipal or city ordinances
Selection of Judges: election or appointment
Retention of Judges: reelection or reappointment
Qualifications: U.S. citizen and state resident; licensed to practice in state (except municipalities of <5000)