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State of Missouri

Methods of Judicial Selection: Missouri

Retention Evaluation Programs

In 2008, Missouri's supreme court amended its rules to establish a judicial performance evaluation program for judges included in the Nonpartisan Court Plan. The appellate judicial evaluation committee consists of two lawyer and two non-lawyer members from each court of appeals district, and each circuit judicial evaluation committee consists of six lawyer and six non-lawyer members who reside in that circuit. Evaluation committee members are appointed by the Missouri Bar's board of governors from nominations by board members, local and regional bar associations, and non-laywer citizens. Committee members serve six-year, staggered terms. Click here to view the amended rules.

The committees recommend whether or not judges should be retained and provide reasons for the recommendations. The committees' recommendations are based on surveys of lawyers and jurors, information on time standards, and published opinions. Click here for the 2010 evaluation results.