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State of Wyoming

Methods of Judicial Selection: Wyoming

Judicial Nominating Commissions

The judicial nominating commission considers applicants for vacancies on the supreme court, district court, and circuit court, and submits the names of three nominees to the governor. The governor must appoint a judge from the commission's list.

The commission consists of seven members and is chaired by the chief justice. Three additional members are elected by the Wyoming State Bar and must be active attorneys in the state. The remaining three members are nonlawyers appointed by the governor. No more than two members of the commission may be residents of the same judicial district. When a vacancy occurs on a district or circuit court and that district or county is not represented on the commission, one lawyer and one nonlawyer from the district or county are appointed as temporary, nonvoting advisors. Commission members serve staggered four-year terms and are not eligible for a second term. Click here to view commission rules and here for more information about the commission.

For more information, see Judicial Merit Selection: Current Status.

Nominating Commission Costs

  • $15,000 biennially (2007)