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State of North Dakota

Methods of Judicial Selection: North Dakota

Judicial Nominating Commissions

When a midterm vacancy occurs on the supreme court or the district court, the judicial nominating commission submits a list of between two and seven nominees to the governor. Within thirty days of receiving the list, the governor may fill the vacancy from the list of nominees, return the list and direct the commission to reconvene, or call a special election to fill the vacancy.

The judicial nominating commission consists of six members. The governor, the chief justice, and the president of the State Bar Association of North Dakota each appoint two members, including one lawyer and one nonlawyer. Commission members serve three-year terms, and no member may serve more than two full terms. Click here for statutes regarding the composition and operation of the commission.

For more information, see Judicial Merit Selection: Current Status.

Nominating Commission Costs

  • (2007)
    Costs for the nominating commission are minimal. Money comes from the judicial budget but only covers expenses for the commissioners. Otherwise, commissioners are not compensated.