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State of District of Columbia

Methods of Judicial Selection: District of Columbia

Judicial Nominating Commissions

When a vacancy occurs on a D.C. court, the judicial nomination commission must submit to the president within sixty days a list of three nominees to fill the vacancy. The commission consists of seven members who serve six-year terms. The president appoints one member to the commission, the board of governors of the D.C. Bar appoints two lawyer members, the mayor of D.C. appoints one lawyer and one nonlawyer member, the D.C. Council appoints one nonlawyer member, and the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia appoints an active or retired D.C. federal judge. Commission members may not be nominated to D.C. judgeships within two years of leaving the commission. Click here for more information regarding the composition and operation of the commission.

For more information, see Judicial Merit Selection: Current Status.